Buy Car Cash for Old Cars Near Me

Buy Car Cash for Old Cars Near Me

In every car’s life, there comes a time when those Old Cars just can’t go on anymore and ultimately you seek Buyers Near You to Get Top Cash for by Selling Them. It is told, vehicle breakdowns are estimated to cost the US economy $41B per year.  Might be the engine dies, or the transmission gives out, but eventually, it becomes clear that the car is unusable.

It’s often difficult to find someone Near You who wants to buy a car that’s old or not in good condition. You could try to sell it as is, but that has its challenge. Worry not; there is a better way.

This blog post will explain America’s preferred method for Selling Old or Broken-Down Cars to Who Buy Car and Pay Cash for Old Cars Near Me in any condition. You’ll get that piece of junk off your hands in no time!

What Consider As A Broken Down Or Old Car?

The expression “My car broke down” or “My Old Car” can cover many issues. Some car parts are easy to diagnose, while others are not.

So, let’s start with some examples. We’ll put them into categories, so you can understand them easier.

The following things might make your car ‘Broken Down’ or ‘Old’:

  • The engine won’t start.
  • The engine starts, but the car can’t go faster than five mph.
  • The vehicle overheats and shuts off.
  • Transmission problems: gears won’t shift, slipping gears, or grinding noises while shifting.
  • The battery dies while driving, and the car shuts off.
  • Wheels fall off.

It’s also important to note that occasionally these problems overlap, so one issue might cover several categories.

Usually, a broken-down old car means that it strictly cannot be driven in its current situation. But there are some cases where you can still drive the car, but it’s much safer not to.

What To Do When Your Car Breaks Down?

There are a few things to keep in mind here. When your car breaks down, no matter if you are on a highway, boulevard, or street, you need to pull over immediately. You must place the vehicle in a safe spot and turn on hazards.

After pulling over the car, do not leave the car until help arrives, unless you are on a small road. It is best not to tamper with the car yourself. You don’t know what parts of the car still work and which parts don’t, and it’s dangerous to work near traffic.

If the outdoor conditions are hazardous to your health (i.e., frigid cold), remain in the car with the heater on. Immediately call for help, and try not to open the doors, as the heat will swiftly escape.

What Can You Do With An Old Car

Once you’ve towed your car off the road, it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do with it. There are plenty of things that you can do with a Old car, and they’re not all bad!


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The intuitive choice is to fix the car. Depending on your banking situation, this can be a abundant or abominable abstraction and how bad the accident is. Unfortunately, the problems that account a car to breach bottomward absolutely are usually astringent and big-ticket to fix.

You may not charge to bead a ton of money on the car if it’s alone got one allotment of bad luck: like a burst radiator or asleep battery. But, if you’re ambidextrous with astringent manual abortion or assorted overlapping problems, it can get actual pricey.

If you’re on good terms with your local mechanic, call them and ask how much it would cost to fix the car.

Selling the Car, Cyrus Auto Parts buys Old Cars

If the cost of repairs is just too much, it might be time to sell your car to a company like Cyrus Auto. Junk cars for sale companies will commonly buy broken down Old Cars and totaled cars from consumers for Cash and tow truck services. We Pick up The Car We Buy for FREE. The car’s parts are then used for other vehicles or sold to neighboring businesses. That way, you still get something out of your old clunker.

If you manage to fix your car and sell it temporarily, it might break down in the new buyer’s hands. They might decide to sue you. This is the best option to avoid future troubles.

On the other hand, services that specialize in junk cars.

How To Sell Your Old Car?

Our process has been streamlined to make selling an old car easier and faster than one that is in working order. We do not require credit checks or that you leave your car with us. We get our tow truck driver to bring it right to us, and we handle all the paperwork from there. Here’s how this process works:

Step 1: Give us a ring

The power of a service like ours lies in its capacity as a one-stop-shop. The entire process is incredibly efficient and made simpler by our well-trained staff. They can tell you how much your car is worth based on its model, whether the parts are in good condition, etc.

Our estimates are 100% free and without obligation, so don’t be afraid to visit. We can give you a quote over the phone, or through our instantaneous quote calculator. You simply need to enter information about your car into our form, Sell Your Vehicle, and we will do the rest. 

You can expect a complete quote right away. 

Step 2: We come to grab it

Next, we’ll send over a tow truck driver who will pick up the car for free. No need to incur additional charges! If our offer satisfies you, then you can say goodbye to your car and welcome the money into your life.

Once you inform us of when and where to find your car, our courteous tow truck driver will come over to bring it to our garage. We will inspect the vehicle, discuss future options with you, and make sure everything is in order.

Step 3: We pay you cash on delivery

The great thing about our service is that you get paid on the same day in cold, hard cash. It’s a quick, efficient way of doing business that gives us a reputation as among the top junk car buyers in the area.

Why Choose

Each of the team members is equipped to handle this process with decades of combined experience. They know what to look out for at each point and inform you of anything you need to look out for. Since we handle all the paperwork, you won't have to worry about it.

What Cyrus Auto apart from similar companies is how fast we are doing business with people in need. We can close deals in a matter of minutes and get you the money you might need in an emergency.


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Selling a broken-down or old car doesn’t have to be an arduous process. While losing a vehicle is always unfortunate, you can turn it into a favorable situation by gathering cash in return. It’s an easy, hassle-free way of getting rid of old cars and moving on to bigger and better things.

Check out our website or call us for more information. We’ll be happy to assist you, and you can get a free estimate by filling out our form.


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