How To Transfer Ownership After You Sell A Junk Car

How To Transfer Ownership After You Sell A Junk Car

Need Transferring Ownership After Selling A Junk Car?

Cyrus Auto Parts will gladly accept your junk car and pay you cash for it. We're here to make the process as easy for you as possible. We streamline whenever and wherever possible, thanks to our simple quotes and reputable network of partners.


We can't, of course, absolve you of all responsibility. Once the vehicle has been removed from your life, there are a few steps you must take. Here, we explain what you need to do after you junk your car with us.


How To Transfer Ownership When You Junk Cars For Cash?

Here's what you need to do to sell your junk car to us.


License Plates

We're not going to take your license plates and crush them along with the rest of your junk car. You must either surrender them to the DMV or have them transferred to another vehicle.


Transferring plates is usually easier and less expensive than purchasing new ones. Because each state handles things differently, you should contact your local DMV to find out what paperwork they require. Some areas are more lenient than others, especially if you're only selling your car for scrap.



It's pointless to insure a car that's about to be scrapped. Please cancel your policy as soon as we pick up the car. Most insurance companies will prorate the premium based on the number of days the policy was active, though some may charge a cancellation fee.


By this point, you will have signed over the title to us in accordance with your state's regulations, and the responsibility (and, more importantly, financial liability) will no longer be yours to bear.


Turning Over Your Car At Removal Time

If you want to sell your car to a private buyer, you'll have a lot of work to do. If your car is old or damaged enough, there isn't nearly as much to keep track of if you want to junk it. We can answer any questions you have before, during, and after the sale at Cyrus Auto. As long as you pay attention to a few key details, you should be fine after selling the car. Cyrus Auto Parts offers free junk car removal.


Who will buy junk cars?

When it comes to deciding what to do with a damaged or undriveable vehicle, you have several options.

One option is to sell it privately to a car enthusiast or hobbyist. Your vehicle may be in high demand among junk car buyers looking for a project, and going this route may result in a higher price.

If your car is in such bad shape that you can't find a buyer, selling it to a junkyard might be the best option. Salvage yards buy cars for their parts and scrap metal, and in some cases, they are the last resort when you need to get rid of a non-running vehicle.

Donating your vehicle to charity is another worthwhile option if you want to support a good cause while saving money on your taxes. Even though you won't receive any money in return, you can claim a nice tax deduction.


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