Junk My Car for Cash Sell My Broken

Junk My Car for Cash Sell My Broken

When it comes time to junk your car for cash and selling it to a scrap yard or auto wrecker, it can be difficult to remember all the things you need to do before you hand over the keys to Scrap Business. We’ve come up with a handy check list in order to consider Tips for Getting the Most Money Possible for your damaged car is done. Ok, you’ll never forget a step.


Check it out below:


If you need to sell a car to a junkyard, you will want to get as much for the damaged vehicle as possible. Regardless if you are selling a vehicle that has been damaged in a wreck or simply one that has worn out, there are a few things you can do in order to maximize the amount you receive. If your vehicle is a very popular model, you may be able to sell it to a junkyard for used car or truck parts.

In addition to the cash you receive, you may be eligible for a junkyard tax deduction - if you can show you sold the vehicle at a considerable loss. Here's a how-to guide on getting the most from a junkyard for your old clunker or wreck.

What You Will Need

  • Original car title
  • Local phone directory
  • Personal and driver's license information
  • Good research skills
  • Some negotiating skills

Step 1: Contact Junkyards in Your Area (specifically the best of them Cyrus Auto)

Look under junkyards and salvage yards in your local Yellow Pages. Find all of the local junkyard or salvage yards that are in your vicinity or located close enough so that you can deliver the vehicle there without considerable difficulty or expense.


“But keep in mind that we tow the car we buy for free

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Free Towing-Cyrus Auto Parts
Free Towing


Contact each junkyard and tell them that you have a vehicle you are interested in selling. Give them all the particulars of the vehicle, such as the make and model, and the type of damage that the vehicle has. The person at the junkyard may ask you quite a few questions about the vehicle. You should try to answer all the questions as truthfully and accurately as possible in order to get the most accurate offer for your vehicle. Don’t try to sugar coat it and say that everything works just fine with your car. You have to honest with the people who are interested in your car.

Step 2: Research Prices for broken or second-handed cars

Before you list your ad for your car, you’ll want to make sure you’re not wildly out of touch with how much you’re asking. Check out what other people are charging for cars similar to yours to get a good feel for what your car may be worth. It’s also smart to check if there are enthusiast forums for your make and model of car.

Step 3: Receive Buy Offers

If your vehicle is something that the junkyards are interested in, they will probably make you an offer over the phone. Try to avoid doing business with junkyards that insist that you bring in the vehicle for an estimate. This may simply add to your costs of selling the vehicle.

It all starts with a number

If you choose to go the traditional route to sell your used car, you have a lot of numbers to consider:

  • The Blue Book value of your used vehicle
  • The actual value of your vehicle (subtract dings, smoke damage, condition, etc.)
  • The cost of repairs required for your car to be desirable to potential buyers
  • Inspection costs to get your car road-worthy
  • 5, 10, 15+ ads you’re going to write and pay for
  • The 80 million other classified ads posted to Craigslist every month
  • The number of hours lost to meet potential buyers


When you consider all the numbers, your used car is probably worth less than you’d think. And every day that it sits waiting for a buyer, it loses more value.

At CyrusAutoParts.us, we have our own set of numbers to show you:

  • Call (937)250-6982  to speak with a friendly vehicle purchasing agent
  • 10 minute phone call to Cyrus Auto gets you a no-obligation offer
  • We can pick up your vehicle in as soon as possible admirably less than what comes to mind. AND WE DO IT FOR FREE!
  • You’ll have 0 out-of-pocket expenses


Scrap My Car Into Parts-Cyrus Auto Parts
Scrap My Car Into Parts


A CyrusAutoParts.us agent will find you the highest cash offer possible for your like new or damaged car, truck, SUV, RV or boat, whether it’s running or not. That offer is the number that really matters, and that number can be real cash in your pocket faster than you ever thought possible.

What are you waiting for? Find out what your broken, junk or second-handed car is really worth with one quick phone call to CyrusAutoParts.us today. You’ll be amazed how quick and easy selling your car can really be! We are auto wrecker businesses that scrap cars into pieces with high tech facility. This is our duty to help you in high quality services.


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