What sorts of scrap metals are in junk cars?

What sorts of scrap metals are in junk cars?

If you have a junk car that’s just sitting around it makes sense to sell it to a junkyard like Cyrus Auto Parts in Dayton, Ohio. We will properly dispose of the fluids, take off the good parts, and shred the frame. Cyrus Auto’s junkyard will also collect all of the scrap metals and other metals and deliver it to a manufacturer that will melt it all down in order to reuse the materials. In essence, the metals found in junk cars are combined together, which makes the material even stronger. That’s why automobile manufacturers use it when building new vehicles. For this reason, get to know “what sorts of scrap metals are in junk cars?” is important.


The bottom line is that recycling junk cars benefit the junk car owners, the environment, and makes the new car products even better. So, what kinds of scrap metals are found in junk cars? Most of us know that automobiles are mainly made from steel, however, there are plenty of other metals found in them as well. For example, Aluminum is found throughout your vehicle. It is typically used within the engine because it can withstand the heat and friction from the moving parts. Aluminum is also used for the rims, doors, and hood. Copper is another valuable metal used in automobiles. 


It’s typically used for electronics such as the wiring harness. Copper is also found in the battery and copper wire is used to pass along important signals in the computer, stereo, and safety system. Copper is also used in alternators and starters. Stainless steel isn’t widely used in automobile manufacturing; however, some exhaust systems are made from metal. Lead is used in the wheel weights of vehicles in order to keep the tires balanced when driving. The battery is also lead-based. That being stated, the batteries are typically removed from junk cars at the auto salvage yard.


Common types of scrap metal that can be found in junk vehicles are listed below:



Steel has many desirable properties that make it a highly sought-after material. Steel is light, yet very strong and durable. For this reason, it is a staple in the global construction and building industry. It is also very applied in the world of automotive manufacturing. All cars contain some form of steel, no matter the age, make, or model. Common steel components include chassis, frame, wheels, body panels, and doors.



Copper wiring is used within most vehicles due to its reliable heat transfer and conductivity properties. You can find copper wiring in microprocessors, computers, air conditioning units, and all electronics within a vehicle. In fact, the average American-made vehicle contains around 55 pounds of copper! Larger cars will have even more copper scrap in them.


Precious Metal

There are a few types of precious metals that can be found in junk cars, including gold, platinum, and even palladium and rhodium. A car’s catalytic converter is primarily, and usually, made from platinum, palladium, and rhodium. As for a car’s computer systems, these will often contain gold-plated fingers within the circuit boards.



Aluminum is used in a variety of applications in a wide range of industries due its light weight and malleability properties. As for the automotive industry, car manufacturers often use aluminum to build engine components like pistons and cylinder heads. It can also be found in gaskets, radiators, and even rims for tires. Sports cars often contain the most aluminum because it is light, which makes them faster.



Although we do not want lead in our diets due to its toxic properties, it is a widely-applied material in the automotive manufacturing industry. Most cars contain lead in the tires to ensure all four wheels are properly balanced. Car batteries also contain lead, which is why it is important to properly dispose of them when they are dead.


Metals That Are Commonly Scrapped-Cyrus Auto Parts
Metals That Are Commonly Scrapped


They can often be sold as used car parts. Believe it or not, rare metals like platinum and palladium are actually common in automobiles. These metals are typically found within the catalytic converter because they help reduce the pollution when the engine is running. Your auto salvage yard in Columbus OH will remove the catalytic converter from the vehicle before scrapping the valuable metals. We have been supplying local businesses and consumers’ quality recycled automotive parts for quite long time. We even offer extended warranties on many recycled auto parts. Cyrus Auto Parts also sells a wide range of new aftermarket auto parts including rear bumpers, tires. front and rear driveshafts, mirrors, wheels, headlamps, and fuel sending units to name a few. We look forward to working with you.


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What sorts of scrap metals are in junk cars? Which one of the automobile’s metals is more valuable? Where to go if you seek to have a junk vehicle removed? And realize that there is a trustworthy company in Ohio, The Best Around, which you can rely on for selling junk cars and car scrapping with the highest reasonable payment. Cyrus Auto Parts the reliable junk car buyer, is at your service.




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