Sell Wrecked Car Kettering Ohio

Sell Wrecked Car Kettering Ohio

If you have a totaled, wrecked, or junk car in Kettering Ohio that has been in an accident and is too damaged for you to repair it, you can Sell that Wrecked car to a Kettering Ohio local junkyard like Cyrus Auto Parts in order to get some cash for it. However, there are some steps you should take before making that sale to ensure you're getting the best cash offer for your totaled vehicle.


Sell Your Damaged, Totaled or Wrecked Car to a Kettering OH Salvage Yard

Junkyards in Kettering, Ohio, are always looking for wrecked cars to salvage parts for resale. Allowing your insurance company to salvage the vehicle may not result in getting the most available cash for it, whereas selling your wrecked vehicle to a junkyard will get you fair market value for your damaged vehicle. Junkyards usually pay a little extra for vehicles with high demand for parts, such as Honda, Toyota, and Mazda.


Sell Us Kettering Junk Cars of yours That Are:

  • Rusted
  • Old
  • Damaged
  • Not Drivable 
  • Totaled
  • Not Starting Up
  • Wrecked
  • Dusty and Falling Apart


Wrecked or Any Condition Car Buyers

A wrecked vehicle will not appeal to all car buyers. Attempting to sell your wrecked vehicle as a trade-in will be frowned upon by dealerships. Auto dealers will almost always refuse to make you an offer because they will lose money on the damaged car, truck, or SUV.


You'll need to find a junk car buyer, such as Cyrus Auto, who will buy a Wrecked or Any Condition vehicle instead. We buy cars in any condition, even if they are completely rusted out and unrecognizable. To make a cash offer on a vehicle, we don't need it to be in working order.


Wrecked or Any Condition Car Buyers-Cyrus Auto Parts
Wrecked or Any Condition Car Buyers


Before you sell your damaged vehicle, there are a few things you should do:

  • Remove any personal belongings.
  • Make arrangements for a title transfer.
  • Parts that are valuable can be sold.
  • Remove your license plates.
  • Use all of your gas.


Where Can I Sell My Wrecked Car Near Me?

The best place to sell your wrecked car is from the comfort of your home. In Kettering Ohio we have the best services based on client’s experience, you may search on the web to get to know us better. There is absolutely no reason why you should have to drive or have to pay to have your vehicle towed to a junkyard to sell it. Our junk car buying company will save you a lot of time and effort by making arrangements with you to pick it up from your home or storge facility. When you accept our top-dollar cash offer, don’t worry about towing part. Pick up process will be done by us in a very pleasant way for FREE.


How it Works

How is Cyrus Auto Parts able to pay cash for junk cars of all makes, models, and conditions? It's really that simple. Here's a rundown of how the procedure works:

  1. You've had enough of looking at that unsightly junk car on your property, or you've had enough of dealing with neighbor complaints.
  2. You call Cyrus Auto and ask about our cash for junk cars program, or you fill out our online "Sell Your Vehicle" form to get a quote.
  3. You'll provide us with some basic information about the vehicle, and our friendly staff will let you know how much money we can offer for it.
  4. A time and location for the car removal will be determined. Cyrus Auto Parts provides service to the entire Kettering, OH area. In some cases, same-day or 24-hour pickup is available, so please inquire! One of our friendly auto removal technicians will arrive at your spot to collect your vehicle and you'll get cash for your clunker! Our techs will also provide you with a receipt for your records.
  5. Your old car will be taken to our junkyard facility, where it will be evaluated. Useful auto parts that are in good condition will be removed and offered for resale. Some wrecks may be sold as fixer-uppers.
  6. In cases where many of the car parts are removed, the remaining car parts will be sold for scrap metal and recycled.

With Cyrus Auto Parts' cash for the junk cars auto recycling program, everybody wins! You'll get rid of that old car and you'll get cash, and we'll get vehicles that we'll use for parts or scrap.

Don't pay someone for car removal services! Sell junk cars for cash with Cyrus Auto! We provide free tow-away services for old cars that don't run, or mainly any condition cars that we buy. So, by selling the wrecked car in Kettering Ohio, you can get rid of your old auto. We buy your cars and pay highest cash for them.