Used Auto Parts Dayton Ohio, Electronic Parts Gap, Why buy form Cyrus Auto a Professional Salvage Yard?

Used Auto Parts Dayton Ohio, Electronic Parts Gap, Why buy form Cyrus Auto a Professional Salvage Yard?

Used Auto Parts - Filling Electronic Parts Supply Chain Gap

Used Auto Parts are key to keeping vehicles on the road during supply chain disruptions.

It is no secret that the supply chain of a number of goods on which the Americans depend has been disrupted. When economies around the world shut down for months last year during Covid, some production stopped, even some mining operations for minerals stopped, and the list of stopped jobs continues. This has resulted in some supply chain problems that we haven't encountered in recent history.  Couple that with political and economic issues between the US and other supplying countries like China, and you've got situation that has led to problems procurring certain auto parts.

Despite driving for a few months last year, commutes and miles driven have mostly returned to normal. Furthermore, consumers are driving their vehicles a bit longer, which requires more maintenance. This means more vehicle accidents, more maintenance, and overall more need for auto parts.  The problem is, many OEM manufactures of auto parts have had a difficult time producing and supplying auto parts to repair facilities.  This is especially true for electronic auto parts and auto parts that require certain computer chips.

But guess what...automotive recyclers and used auto parts providers are here to save the day! We have a Huge Inventory of Auto Parts which includes Electronic types), ECU's, car radios, transmission and engine control modules, any used auto part computer that you could need, we can often supply.

If you are in need of any of the used auto parts that are in short supply, give us a call today and we'll do our best to find the used auto part you need. Help you save money, a penny saved is a penny earned!

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Why Buy Used Auto Parts from Cyrus Auto Parts?

Professional Salvage Yard

Consumers and automotive professionals may purchase used auto parts from salvage yards for a variety of reasons. There are some obvious reasons and others not so obvious. We'd like to take a few minutes to go over why many consumers choose Cyrus Auto Parts.

1. Consistent Quality - Any salvage yard can produce a quality part and any automotive recycler may have issues with unseen harm or issues with a component. Professional recyclers like CyrusAuto have systems of quality control, inventory management, and parts washing in place to reduce damaged parts, inventory issues, and filthy used auto parts.

2. Strong Warranties - A professional salvage yard will carry at least a 90-day warranty on its mechanical parts like engines and transmissions.

3. Competitive Prices - Cyrus Auto Parts systematically re-prices inventory to make sure our customers are getting the best possible price for a particular auto part.
4. Environmentally Friendly Practices - Cyrus goes above and beyond the recommended requirements by government agencies to ensure we're not releasing pollutants into the environment. We utilize equipment to create ZERO drainage of oils or solvents from our wash bay into the environment.

5. Well Trained and Courteous Sales Staff - We train our sales staff for certain reliable time before there ready to serve and sell to our commercial customers. Our employees undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are prepared to help our customers in a courteous and attentive manner.

6. Great Inventory - We're constantly and consistently purchasing salvage vehicles to strength our inventory, so many options could be chosen. We want to keep it local to serve Service Areas, and be able to provide our customers used parts from our local inventory whenever possible.

7. Late Model Salvage Yard - Most of the vehicles on the road are roughly 10-11 years old. So, we try to purchase auto salvage and sell used auto parts that fall into this year range. This allows us to sell the auto parts that you need.

8. Clean Professional Office Environment - At Cyrus Auto, we take pride in our facility and make sure that customers are comfortable in our well-lit, clean, sales office. This is not your average grimy, greasy used parts office.

We could go on and on listing reasons why our customers love shopping with Cyrus Auto Parts, but We'll leave the list at that. We're proud to be Dayton's Leader, being participate in Auto Recycling and a provider of clean, quality, used auto parts.  Hope to see you in the office or hear from you soon!


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