We Buy Junk Chevy Caprice

We Buy Junk Chevy Caprice

Sell Your Junk Chevy Caprice Today!

Selling Your Chevrolet Caprice is Much More Simple Than You Think.


If you own any Chevy Caprice from 1964 to 2017 (each model from first to sixth generation) and aren't sure whether to trade it in, sell it yourself, or scrap it, keep two things in mind: effort and value.

Selling a car can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Working with a reputable company such as Cyrus Auto Parts simplifies the process by providing free pick-up (we'll tow it) and on-the-spot payment.

There are a few important factors to consider when determining the value of your Caprice:  


How Much Cash Will My Junk Chevrolet Caprice Get Me?

If you're like many others and have put a lot of miles on your Caprice, it's possible that it's no longer in the best condition. We are interested in providing you with a no-obligation offer regardless of the condition of your vehicle, whether it is gently used or completely damaged.

This large car (depending on what generation and condition you have) costs about $13,730.77 on average and is classified as a Full-Sized Vehicle. Caprice models have a curb weight of around 3300 to 4400 pounds, which might explain their good scrap metal value. 

Before you take your Caprice to a Chevrolet dealer for a trade appraisal or go through the hassle of trying to sell it yourself, give us 90 seconds and we'll make you an instant offer!

Cyrus Auto buys all-condition Chevy cars like: Non-running, Accidental, Unwanted, Used, Crashed, Damaged or Wrecked Vehicles.


Chevy Caprice (Models, Generations and History)

The Chevrolet Caprice was introduced in 1964. As sales of full-sized vehicles were strong at the time, the Caprice became extremely popular through the 1960s and early 1970s. The body of the car is quite large, and the models that were manufactured from 1971 through 1976 are the largest full-sized cars that Chevrolet has ever built. Chevrolet continued to manufacture the Caprice until 1996, when production officially ended. The car was brought back to the American market in 2011, this time manufactured by Holden, who continues to handle the production of the vehicle. The current Caprice is a full-size vehicle, and its sturdy construction and reliability have made it a popular car for police work.


Common Issues with the Chevy Caprice

Some of the most common issues with the Chevrolet Caprice, according to RepairPal, are:

  • Leaking Water Pump May Cause Coolant Loss and Overheating. ...
  • Engine Control Module (ECM) can fail. ...
  • Transmission Extension Housing Seal May Leak. ...
  • Idler/Pitman Arm May Wear and Cause Looseness in Steering. ...
  • Internal Faults in Distributor Can Cause Engine Problems. ...
  • Auto Level Ride Compressor May Fail.

If you find yourself running into any of these common issues, maybe it's time to sell your Chevrolet Caprice!


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If you want to sell your Chevrolet Caprice, Cyrusautoparts.us will buy it! With just one phone call, you can get a guaranteed offer on your Chevrolet Caprice, arrange for free towing with one of our licensed towers, and get paid in as little as 24 hours. It really is that easy!

We buy used, damaged, like-new or junk cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs and guarantee our offers over the phone. If you want to know what your Chevrolet Caprice is worth, use “Sell Your Vehicle” form to get a quote online or give us a call today (937)250-6982. So soon you’ll find out that Cyrus will offer top dollar for your car.


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