We Buy Junk GMC Safari in Dayton, Ohio. Top Dollar and same day pickup.

We Buy Junk GMC Safari in Dayton, Ohio. Top Dollar and same day pickup.

GMC Safari

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How Much Cash Will My Junk GMC Safari Get Me?
The GMC Safari is a rear-wheel drive minivan with a 4.3 liter, 6-cylinder engine that produces 190 horsepower. The 6-cylinder engine gets 16 miles per gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on the highway. This economical minivan has a retail price of $25640 and is classified as a large minivan. It weighs 4309 pounds and has a 111-inch wheelbase, which explains its good but not great gas mileage. The GMC Safari is clearly intended to be a more affordable alternative to expensive SUVs and crossovers without sacrificing comfort or space for a large family.

Cyrusautoparts.us is the company you want to contact if you want to sell your GMC Safari quickly. Cyrus Auto Parts has two strong main lines of focus, one of which is car buying. Cars of any make, model, or condition will be accepted by the company. In fact, "the Cyrus Auto" takes what some people consider junk and makes it useful. If you want to know how much your Safari is worth or if you want to sell your junk car quickly, give us a call. We Buy Junk GMC Safari and the towing bill is entirely on us!


Don’t Get Confused with “FREE Car Pickup” You read it correctly!

The towing is on the buyer. The buyers offer free towing to the customers because they appreciate their business.


Do You Want to Know a Dealing Secret?

Cyrus Auto does not conduct business the same way that other car buyers do. Some international organizations like JCM doesn't go off of the year, make, model, or even the mileage.

  • What the experts look at before they give you a purchase quote is the weight of your vehicle.
  • The calculations are based off of current scrap metal prices.
  • Those figures are quite versatile, so you might want to call as quickly as possible.
  • The GMC Safari is over 4,000 pounds, so you should be able to receive a pretty penny for your model.


You'll Always Receive the Best Prices, Best Quotes and Best Offers

The buyers consider the other factors when offering you a price for your car. They take the other factors into account and adjust the raw quote before providing you with the final figure. Because of the way the calculations are done, you must be very specific about the vehicle's condition. You must disclose the starting condition as well as any blemishes or problems. The information will not disqualify you from selling it, but they will need to know so that they can give you the correct price when you call.

Cyrus Auto buys all-condition GMC cars like: Non-running, Accidental, Unwanted, Used, Crashed, Damaged or Wrecked Vehicles.


Common Issues with the GMC Safari

Some of the most common issues with the GMC Safari, according to RepairPal, are:

  • ABS light due to brake system control unit failure
  • Outside door handles may break
  • Door locks stop working

If you find yourself running into any of these common issues, maybe it's time to sell your GMC Safari


Recent Offers Made For GMC Safari Vehicles:


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2005 GMC Safari



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2003 Gmc Safari



Our Service Areas Include Ohio and Neighboring Regions

We buy junk, wrecked, salvage, and scrap cars in the following Dayton, Ohio, zip codes:

45005, 45066, 45301, 45305, 45309, 45315, 45322, 45324, 45325, 45327, 45341, 45342, 45345, 45354, 45371, 45377, 45381, 45383, 45402, 45403, 45404, 45405, 45406, 45409, 45410, 45414, 45415, 45416, 45417, 45418, 45419, 45420, 45424, 45426, 45428, 45429, 45430, 45431, 45432, 45433, 45434, 45439, 45440, 45449, 45458, 45459.


And service is available in the following locations:

Moraine, Trotwood, Kettering, New Lebanon, Englewood, Clayton, Miamisburg, Riverside, Vandalia, Huber Heights, Fairborn, Germantown, West Alexandria, Carlisle, Franklin, Springboro, Yellow Springs, Beavercreek, Centerville, Bellbrook, Xenia, Tipp City, West Milton, Shiloh, Brookville, New Carlisle, Byron, Holiday Valley, Farmersville.


Get the Cash You Need Today

Experts are waiting patiently for your contact so that they can come and relieve you of your automobile burdens. You can sell your GMC Safari today by calling (937)250-6982 or using our online form “Sell Your Vehicle” and letting someone know the details about it.

  • You will have to tell someone the make, mileage, year, model, and information about the condition. You must be highly detailed when you discuss the condition of the vehicle to ensure that the quote is as accurate as possible.
  • You will receive the quote shortly after you provide the details. At that point, accepting or denying the offer that you receive from the specialist is fully up to you.
  • If you accept the offer, you can proceed to make pickup arrangements with our professional car buyer team.

Cyrus Auto Parts makes every effort to complete transactions on the same day. The sooner you call, the better your chances of receiving same-day service.

When you sell your car online, the process is as simple as that.


We Buy Your Junk GMC Safari, all Models and Top Dollar is waiting for you.