What Parts on a Car Are Worth Money to Scrap?

What Parts on a Car Are Worth Money to Scrap?

Before you scrap your entire vehicle, there are several parts that can be resold for cash. Before calling a junk car buyer, car sellers should consider whether it's worth selling the vehicle as-is or spending time removing valuable parts. Therefore, identifying “what parts on a car are worth money to scarp” is nice info to use.


Most Valuable Parts on a Car to Scrap

Many parts are worth more money if you remove them from the vehicle to sell them, whereas removing some parts devalues the vehicle. Here's our list of the most valuable parts to remove when junking an old car to make some extra cash.



The most expensive item you can remove from your vehicle is the engine. If you have the space and equipment to pull a working engine, you'll get more money than if you sold your vehicle with the engine still attached.

Vehicles with extensive rear damage typically have a good engine that can be removed and installed in another vehicle. It's a time-consuming process, but used engines can be worth $1000 or more if you find a buyer who is doing an engine swap with the same year, make, and model as your junk car. Just keep in mind that by removing the engine, junk car buyers will only pay for the chassis and leftover parts, not the engine's weight.


Wheels aka Tires and Rims

If your junk vehicle has stock wheels, keep them on. If your upgraded tires and rims are in good condition and your tires still have thread on them, you should consider removing them from your vehicle. Aftermarket rims, particularly name brands such as Enkei, BBS, OZ Racing, Konig, and other popular rim manufacturers, can fetch you several hundred dollars more if sold to a third party. Aftermarket rims are not valued higher by junk car buyers or junkyards; they are valued the same as stock rims and tires.


Car Battery

To make some extra money, remove the car battery even if the vehicle is running. You can return it for the core deposit fee if you bought it from a local auto parts store. When you drop off your battery to be recycled, most places will give you $20 back. If the car battery is brand new, you can resell it online for more money than you would by leaving it in your vehicle.


Stereo and Speakers

If you replaced the stock sound system, remember to remove your stereo and speakers. You will not be compensated for having a Bose system in your vehicle, so remove it and sell it online.


Aftermarket Parts

Any cosmetic or performance components you installed on your vehicle should be removed and resold. Some of the most common parts that people remove from their vehicles before selling them are air intakes, spoilers, and racing seats. If they are in good condition, all of these parts can be resold and reused.


Catalytic Converter

Do NOT remove the catalytic converter! According to Ohio Laws, it is illegal in Ohio to sell a catalytic converter that has been removed from a vehicle. There must be proof for ownership or it would basically ban the sale of catalytic converters unless the person is scrapping an entire. Keeping it on the vehicle you're selling is the best way to sell it. Remember that most junk car buyers will refuse to buy the vehicle if the part has been tampered with or removed. You'll be lucky to get $50 for your junk car if it doesn't have a catalytic inverter, so keep it.


Should I Remove Parts Before I Sell My Junk Car?

To maximize the amount of money you receive, remove valuable parts from your junk car before selling it. Junk car buyers don't care if the vehicle is running or not, so remove as many parts as possible that can be resold. There's no reason to only make a few hundred dollars by selling the vehicle as-is when you can double your money by selling some of the parts yourself. We advise you to list them on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or Craigslist.


Most Valuable Car's Parts to Scrap, Parts Removal and selling-Cyrus Auto Parts
Most Valuable Car's Parts to Scrap, Parts Removal and selling


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