Dayton Cash for Cars

Dayton Cash for Cars

We Pay Cash for Cars in Dayton (Mainly Ohio State)

Imagine you're on your way to see Michigan vs. Ohio State (and let's pretend for a moment that Michigan is having a good year); whoever wins will take the conference lead, and then your junk car dies on I-71. You expected to get a few more runs out of it, but you were wrong. If only you could listen to the game on the radio, but your car is broken down.

What if your friends are going to the game and you wish you had enough money to go to a local sports bar and watch it on TV with a few beers and some wings, but you can't? However, you do have a junk car sitting outside, taking up space and collecting rust and dust. What a relief it would be to have cash instead.


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Trading up from junk car to cash

Trading in an old car, SUV, or truck for cash used to be a difficult process. It's no longer the case. With so many industries relying on the auto salvage industry for recycled parts to help reduce environmental emissions and costs, long-standing companies like Cyrus Auto Parts have developed a customer-friendly, honest, and incredibly simple process for customers to trade in their junk vehicles for cash. That means Dayton, Ohio residents can say goodbye to interstate breakdowns and hello to gameday chaos. (Please tell Buick Roadmaster Estate that we said hello.)

It makes no difference what condition, make, model, or year your vehicle is in. It has worth. If it is no longer running, we will tow it for free to one of our auto salvage yards. We pay in cash at the time of delivery.


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About our Dayton, OH junk yards

Cyrus Auto Parts is a customer-focused auto salvage company in the United States with a high auto salvage yard service. Our primary goal is to provide all consumers who own an unusable junk car, SUV, or truck or one that is causing more harm to your wallet with an easy, economical, and environmentally friendly option that immediately puts cash in their hands. Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service, the highest dollar amount for what your car is worth, and even same-day car removal when you decide you're ready to trade in your junk car for cash to all customers in Dayton, OH or primarily Ohio State.


Trading up from junk car to cash-Cyrus Auro Parts
Trading up from junk car to cash


Let's get started today

We work with you to make the process of trading in your junk car, SUV, or truck for cash as simple as possible, regardless of the condition of your vehicle, including whether it is even running. The first step is to get in touch with us. Feel free to call us toll free (937)250-6982 , and after we ask you a few questions about your vehicle, we will provide you with a quote. If you wish to proceed, we will inform you of the documents required to trade your vehicle for cash, and if your vehicle is not in driving condition, we will come to you and tow it for free. You can also obtain a free quote online via our website page “Sell Your Vehicle”.


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