Buy Junk Car in Moraine Ohio Top Dollar

Buy Junk Car in Moraine Ohio Top Dollar

Want to Sell Your Junk Car Fast in Moraine Ohio?

That junk car you have, and is tired of getting on roads might be worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Why not sell that hunk of junk for cash rather than letting it rust in your backyard? If you find selling a car overwhelming or have never done it before, let us help you to have this guide selling your car fast and to get the most cash out of it you can.


Besides the guide article, we have this service and are reliable well-known business around here. We (Cyrus Auto) are Auto Salvage Yard Who Buys Junk, Wrecked, Damaged or Any Condition Vehicle. We scrap them into parts, too. Free Pick up is another service when we are dealing with clients to buy their automobiles.


The longer your car is unused, the less valuable it is. So as soon as being done with the vehicle, it is wise to start selling it. The condition of the car does not matter - there is an option for you.

1. Should I Sell My Junk Vehicle “As Is”?

Your first option is to list the car “as is” — faults and all. It is important to note any issues you are aware of in the vehicle as well as to make it clear that it may have other issues if you choose to advertise it online or in the newspaper "as is". If you don’t disclose any problems the car may have, a buyer could try to come back to you and ask you to pay for repairs. 

This option is best for anyone who does not want to make a fuss with car repair and also has enough time to sell the car. Be prepared that your car may sit in your driveway for some time before someone is interested in it. 

It could be your choice to bring it to a used car dealer and see what they will give you. It will likely be a low offer, but this is an easy way to get rid of the car fast. 

2. Should I Sell My Clunker Car For Parts?

Whether or not it is worth breaking down your car and selling the parts, based on two factors. 

One, is your car in good shape and has usable parts? It may make sense to get the most use out of a car that has been in an accident, but otherwise is in good condition.

Two, are you adept enough with cars to take the car apart? If car maintenance is in your capabilities and you feel confident, go for it! It is easy to resell the battery, wing mirrors, center console, stereo unit, lights, seats, wheels, and tires. 

Selling for parts is the best way to get all the value of the car that you can, but once you’ve sold the valuables, what can you do with the body? It’s not always easy, so you may understand one of the reasons of why our profession exists.


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3. Should I Sell My Junk Car As Scrap Metal?

Once you’ve disassembled the car, you’ll be left with the body of the car, which can be sold as scrap metal. 

However, even if you do not sell the parts, you can still sell the whole car to one buyer of scrap metals. If your car is worthless and you can’t sell parts, you can ultimately get the value of the metal. In this case, large SUVs and trucks receive more than smaller cars, because there is more metal.

Since scrap metal buyers still have to separate out the plastics and different metals, their prices may not be high enough. But if you’re looking for a quick, simple way to dispose of your junker, selling for scrap is a good option.


Keep in mind that we always offer you reasonable, competitive prices


4. Should I Sell My Junk Car To A Junkyard Or Auto Salvage Yard?

A junkyard or auto salvage yard is one of the best ways to dispose of your junk car. You should contact your local junkyard or salvage yard ahead of time to ensure they take junk cars, though, because not all will take them. You will find us best option around here by searching. We at Cyrus Auto Parts, service large areas around Ohio - Check out Service Areas - and are happy to buy any car.

Auto salvage yard specialize in junk cars and will usually break down your car for parts and recycle any available items. If you’ve already sold parts of your car, make sure to let them know, as this is often how they make their profit on the car. 

Finding the Auto Salvage Yard who will pick up and tow the car for free, is important If you choose selling to a junkyard or auto salvage yard. Some junkyards will require you to bring it to the yard or have a fee for towing, but reputable salvage yards will tow your car free of charge. 

To quickly find a local auto salvage yard, use the “Best Junkyard Near Me” as search term to find one in your city.


5. Should I Sell My Junk Car To Online? 

A newer junk car market has appeared in recent years online. These buyers claim to buy any car quickly and simply. 

These companies are likely to offer less than the methods listed above, but are an easy way to be rid of your junker. You may need to research as to whether they are available to pick up your car in your city.

If using online sellers, shop around and read reviews to be sure you are getting a good deal.


Last Thoughts

When selling your junk car, it is smart to do your research before jumping in. 

You could make more money by selling parts than by selling your vehicle as is, depending on the condition of your vehicle and your knowledge of cars Alternatively, if you just want to get rid of the car, then selling as is is the easiest way.


Keep in mind that we always offer you reasonable, competitive prices


You want to be aware of buying scams - never sell for anything other than cash or a check. Some sellers may offer vouchers or coupons that ultimately are not likely to be worth much, and that’s not how we treat our great customers at Cyrus auto.  You also want to find someone who will tow the car for free - as reputable sellers likely will pick up the car themselves. 

Selling a junk car is a great way to get some extra cash that you can put towards a new ride. Now that you’ve read our guide, you’re ready to go!


Juk Car Pick up Near Me-Cyrus Auto Parts
Juk Car Pick up Near Me


But always trust to experts. is ready to help.

You will get paid with a company check or cash, on the spot when we pick up the vehicle for free!


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